Our program

  • Duration: one-year full-time
  • Start date: February 2021
  • Location: Pavia, Italy
  • Application Deadline: 15th January 2021

This one year full-time programme aims to train highly qualified professionals in vehicle dynamics, through a variety of teaching activities. The course includes both theoretical and practical teaching, as well as workshops, tours, and a 6-month internship in industry. Thanks to the partnerships with Danisi Engineering, VI-Grade, ASC (Automotive Safety Centre), Siemens, and MSC Software, among others, students have a wealth of opportunities to develop their knowledge and skill in designing vehicle dynamics. Students will benefit from:

  • Full-time use of a compact station simulator to develop vehicles in a virtual environment
  • Test sessions on the ASC track and proving ground
  • An Advanced Driving Course
  • Workshop on the VI-Grade Driver in Motion dynamic simulator
  • A variety of Advanced Short Courses taught by professionals
  • Vehicle testing with both Computer Aided Engineering, and experimentally on real vehicles
  • Guided tours of plants and facilities

Teaching Modules

  • Total Vehicle Design
  • Fundamental Driving Dynamics
  • Virtual Dynamics Design and Simulation
  • Materials and Structural Design
  • Propulsion: IC & Hybrid
  • Vehicle Dynamics Control
  • Total Vehicle Testing and Development
  • Biomechanics: Driver/Vehicle Interaction

More information

Advanced Short Courses

Courses are held by expert professionals on the following topics:

  • Unconventional Vehicle Dynamics
  • Tyre/Vehicle Handling Analyses
  • Tyre/Vehicle Handling: Experimental Test with different Tyre Specifications
  • Advanced Techniques for the Physical Modelling of Tyre/Road Interaction Phenomena
  • Experimental Workshop on Objective and Subjective Performance Evaluations
  • Autonomous Vehicles and Regulation
  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
  • Braking Systems
  • CFD Analysis
  • Wheel Force Transducer Technology
  • Laser 3D Scanning


A 5-month internship in the automotive industry will complete students’ training thanks to the partnerships with VI-Grade, ASC (Automotive Safety Centre), FCA, Danisi Engineering, and MSC Software


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