• Duration: one-year full-time
  • Start date: 22nd October 2018
  • Location: Pavia, Italy
  • Application start: 16th July 2018

The duration of the Masters course is one year and has a timetable of 1500 hours, including:

  • frontal lessons (called “teaching modules”) at:
    the University of Pavia – Palace Vistarino venue and ASC  the Quattroruote Automotive Safety Centre seated at Vairano – Vidigulfo (PV)
  • practical sessions at ASC
  • guided tours at plants and facilities operating in the automotive sector, final internship at the  partner companies, seminars, didactic activities and individual preparation

During the Programme, the applicants will participate to Advanced Short Courses, held by expert professionals from Academics and Companies, on the following topics:

  • Unconventional Vehicle Dynamics
  • Tire/Vehicle Handling Analyses
  • Tire/Vehicle Handling: experimental test with different tire
  • Advanced techniques for the physical modelling of tire/road interaction phenomena
  • Experimental workshop on objective and subjective performance evaluations
  • Autonomous Vehicles and Regulation
  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems